DEC 2021: What a great Christmas party we had, fabulous that so many of you came along to join in the festivities and the comments we've had back have been wonderful. We wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and a Very Happy & Healthy 2022. 

NOV 2021: We can't tell you how much we are looking forward to hosting our traditional Christmas party this year! It's always a great night and sets the atmosphere for the Festive Season; we have live music, fabulous food, fun cabaret and even a visit from a very special person! 

OCT 2021: Huge thanks to everyone who came along to our Halloween Fundraising event on 31st October; it was a great night and helped us to raise much needed funds for the external renovations.

JULY 2021: Welcome back dear Friends! We are hopeful that everything will open up again now and we have not been idle during all this time as we've had the builders here renovating the interior of Roswyn and it is now nearing completion. As soon as we are finished, we will hold a welcome back grand celebration event, so watch this space!

SEPT 2020: Wow, what a year this has been for everyone, we sincerely hope that all our members and friends are well and safe. We have missed organising the fundraising events for Roswyn and seeing you all, and as soon as we can open up Roswyn again and put on events, you can be sure we will do so! Meanwhile, we have to try and raise funds a different way, so please try and sign up and support our EasyFundraising page, details on our home page. Sadly we have lost some lovely members this year, but we would just like to mention our PPR Cherrie Butlin, a past Trustee of Roswyn and Past Officer Ninette Mongador as she had been a previous committee member and both ladies had been  lifelong staunch supporters of Roswyn House. 
Stay safe, keep well and here's to a happier and healthier 2021!

MARCH 2020: We are thrilled that this year's Queen Ratling is our very own house gal, Kay Carman. We wish Kay a wonderful year ahead. Lots happening at Roswyn this year including three events being organised to help with fundraising. Please check out our events page for further details. Hope to see some of you at these events.

MARCH 2019: It's back! The Running for Roswyn event is going to be held on Sunday 16th June with a walk from Brixton and around Streatham Common before coming into Roswyn for a scrumptious afternoon tea and look at the GOLR archive books. Please put the date in your diary and we look forward to seeing you then.

FEBRUARY & MARCH 2018: Well at last the snow and cold weather have left us and we are now raring to get started on our 2018 events and fundraising. 2017 was a difficult year with losing our Audrey and then in January we lost one of our most staunch supporters, the wonderful PQ Bella Emberg. She absolutely loved Roswyn and attended all our functions, so we have decided to dedicate our Archives Day in May to both of them. We have a full line up of events including a new one for us, An Alternative Therapies & Craft Day in August. Some of our Tiller Ratlings will also be giving us a talk about thier fabulous lives in Show Biz, but that date is yet to be confirmed, so do check back on our Events page for more details. Onwards to good things!

AUGUST & SEPT 2017: We have had a busy few months with people staying at Roswyn, so we have all been kept very busy with keeping the house in good order for our many guests. We very rarely have bad weather for a Roswyn event, but sadly this was the case for our Tropical Day on 3rd Sept. It was overcast from the start but lots of us had some fun in the garden with the Hula Hoops and Comedy photos, but then the rain came. We kept going as the food was inside and everyone was enjoying things when suddenly the call came through to let us know that our wonderful Dame PQ Audrey Maye had passed away at 3.30 p.m. In one respect it was perfect timing as we were all together at Roswyn when it was announced, and our Aud would have been pleased we were there to share this news and support one another. To say we are in shock at losing our wonderful Audrey is an understatement, this House will never be the same without her, but it will inspire us to work even harder to raise the money to renovate Roswyn in her memory.

JULY 2017: As always we start with a big thank you to everyone who came along and also did our Rats to Roswyn Walk, we raised £2350 in the end and we are so grateful to every single person who helped in some way. Our Buy A Brick campaign continues to do well and we are now approaching our next big fun day and fundraiser....... Sept 3rd will be our Tropical Family Fun Day, so we hope to see lots of you there! Sadly our wonderful Dame PQ Audrey Maye is still not in the best of health but we are hoping she will be feeling much better soon. Hopefully she will be back with us by Sept for our Fun Day!

MARCH 2017: Wow, just want to thank everyone who is coming along to do our Rats to Roswyn Walk on 2nd April, it will be a fantastic fun day, especially with the Vintage Afternoon Tea afterwards back at Roswyn. We are up to 50 now for the tea, so thank you to everyone who has bought a ticket!  See you soon.

FEB 2017: Our continued thanks to everyone for supporting our Buy A Brick Campaign, the third wall we had to put up last year is filling up nicely! We are thrilled to welcome R. Kay Carman as a trustee of Roswyn and also LR Suzanna Rickman onto the House Committee, Suzanna has first class fundraising skills so she will be a big asset to our fundraising campaigns! We couldn't host as many events last year at Roswyn due to a big build that is going on next door to us which has caused a lot of disruption and mess, plus as many of you know, our Dame PQ Audrey Maye was very ill for 3 months so we weren't able to do as much as we had hoped for in 2016.  But with our Audrey now nearly recovered, we have our first major event of the year planned on Sunday 2nd April and what a fun day it promises to be. Our wonderful Scribe Ratling, Ann Wickens has offered to lead a walk from The Water Rats Pub in Grays Inn Road, to Roswyn and she hopes many Sister Ratlings, plus guests will join her and help to raise a substantial amount of money for our modernisation plans. When the 'walkers' arrive in Streatham we will have a wonderful vintage afternoon tea in full swing, along with viewing the GOLR Archive Books & Memorabilia, so we hope to see lots of you there.

SEPTEMBER 2016: Our Local Council has awarded Roswyn House, 'Local Heritage Listing' for it's architectural and historic value. We were thrilled to get this lovely news and it will make us work even harder to raise the funds to get Roswyn modernised and renovated.

MAY & JUNE 2016: We are still busy at Roswyn and over the next few weeks have some nice people staying which is lovely. Our Treasurer, Anita Price has been very busy on our behalf in getting better deals for us with our gas/elec/water and phone bills, thank you so much Anita! Pam and Barry Craine have been working tirelessly in the garden and the flowers and lawn look magnificent. As we couldn't hold our Summer Fete last year, this year we are making it a bumper one, so if any of you would like to attend or to help run one of the stalls or have prizes you can donate, then do please get in touch.

APRIL 2016: We are still full at Roswyn and we've also just had our very successful Archives Day. Over 50 people at the House and a very special talk from our Dame PQ Audrey Maye on the early years of the GOLR.  Lovely to welcome some of the newer Lady Ratlings who had never visited Roswyn before and we appreciated all the positive comments! Also great to see some of the 'Friends of Roswyn' who are great supporters! And very pleased that we sold some more bricks today, we appreciate every single one that you buy.

Archives Party 17th April 2016

Many thanks from June and myself for a lovely afternoon.  I am especially pleased with my raffle prize Pooh Bear who is settling in well!

As I said to you, you really should have another lunch with celebs.  Am sure you would sell the tickets.

Hope to see you soon.

Love, Christine (and June) xxx

MARCH 2016: Well we couldn't be any busier here at Roswyn if we tried! Lovely to have so many friends staying at Roswyn, the place is more full of laughter than usual!

FEBRUARY 2016: We've had to put up another 'BRICK' wall at Roswyn along with the first two as we have sold more bricks and the first two walls are full up. Thank you all SO much for continuing to buy bricks and to help us raise the much needed funds to modernise the house. We will have a full house during some of February as we will have lots of people staying, so we will be even busier than usual! We now have the date for our Archives Day & Tea Party, it will be on Sunday 17th April 2016. This day is open to family and friends as well, so do come along and look at the wonderful archive books and photos of the GOLR and spend a lovely afternoon in good company and enjoy a delicious cream tea.

JANUARY 2016:  Our thanks to everyone who came along to our Annual Christmas party back in December, we all had a great night and we are now looking forward to another positive and productive year for Roswyn in 2016. Congratulations to our new QR Bella Emberg, we wish her a wonderful year in office and we know we are in for a great year with her in the Chair. All is going well at Roswyn, we are continuing to raise funds by selling 'Bricks' for our 'Buy a Brick Fund'. If you are able to buy a brick, please download the form from our 'Buy A Brick' page. We are also delighted to welcome our new Treasurer for Roswyn, our PO Anita Price, and we know she will do a first class job. We would like to thank Jenny Maynard for her work last year as Treasurer.

NOVEMBER 2015: We had a great night at our Halloween Party and raised nearly £500 for our Restoration fund, so a big thank you to everyone who came along and had fun! Have been selling more bricks for our 'Buy a Brick Fund' since our Butlin's Tribute lunch, so a very BIG thank you to everyone who has been buying bricks since attending that event. We are grateful to all our supporters in whichever way you can support us. And we would love as many of you as possible to come along to our lovely Christmas party on Sunday 13th December; as always it will be a Festive Filled Fun Event!

OCTOBER 2015: We now have our wonderful dvd of the Butlins Tribute lunch for sale, please see our Events Page for how to purchase a copy. And to give you a flavour of it, we have a short compilation on our Gallery Page, why not check it out to see if you can spot yourself!
Don't forget our Spooky Halloween Party being held on Thursday 29th October from 4.30 p.m. at Roswyn. We're going to have loads of fun, so please do come along, you can download the ticket application form from our Events Page. Hope to see you there!

SEPTEMBER 2015: What can we say? We had the most magnificent 50th Anniversary Lunch and we are so grateful to just over 200 of you who came along to support us on this day, and what a day it was! One that we will remember for a very long time. There were so many wonderful memories and we will be uploading lots of photos and video to the Gallery page very soon for you to look at. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT AND FOR THE WONDERFUL SUM OF MONEY THAT WAS RAISED TO HELP WITH ROSWYN'S MODERNISATION PLANS.

Plus we have just sold another £620 worth of bricks for our 'Buy A Brick' Campaign, thank you to everyone who has bought bricks, the two 'special walls' at Roswyn look fabulous and remember if you want to purchase bricks, you can have any name you like on the brick, including loved ones or even the name of your act, or a famous variety act.

AUGUST 2015:
Wow, wow and wow again! Our Roswyn 50th Anniversary Butlins tribute lunch has sold double the number we expected it to! We are now up to 180 tickets and still selling! Thank you to everyone who is coming along, it is going to be a great day and we look forward to welcoming you all.

The date for our Big Halloween party is now set for Thursday 29th October, to be held at Roswyn House from 4.30 p.m. onward. Loads of spooky fun and food and all for only £10 a ticket! We would like everyone to come dressed up and there will be a prize for the most original outfit!

JULY 2015:
Our Buy A Brick campaign continues to do well and we are grateful for every brick that has been bought to help with our modernisation plans.
Tickets for our Butlin Tribute luncheon are selling fast now and we have sold well over half of them already and they have only been on sale for a few weeks, so if you are thinking of coming along, please visit our Events page, print off the booking form and send off as soon as possible as we expect this one will sell out!
Following hot on the heels of our lunch in September will be our Spectacular Spooky Halloween night at Roswyn at the end of October, one not to miss!
JUNE 2015:
Very pleased to report that our fundraising for 2014 went very well and our projections for 2015 are looking good too. We now have two new trustees for Roswyn and they are PQ Marsha Rae Ratcliff and PQ Sharon Maxim. We would like to thank PQ Brownie Dene and PO Ann Boon for their years of service to Roswyn as they stand down as trustees.

We now have our venue booked for Roswyn's 50th year Anniversary Event. It will be held at the Royal Garden Hotel, Kensington on Sunday 6th Sept 2015 and will be a tribute lunch to The Butlin Family for all their support for Roswyn.

It is going to be a fun afternoon with live music and cabaret and maybe even one or two Red Coats!

Flyers will be sent out very soon and we hope that many of you can come along and help us celebrate this momentous year in Roswyn's history.

MAY 2015:
Not long now until we have two fantastic events finalised so that we can let you know all about them. Should be up on our website within the next few weeks, so watch this space!
Pleased to say that the House Committee personally bought a lovely bench for the garden that they wanted to dedicate to our lovely PO Ratling Ninette Mongador cLH. Ninette was one of the first members of the House Committee along with her mother, Ann Mongador, and she continues to this day to be a great supporter of Roswyn...... thank you dear Ninette.

January to March 2015
It's been a very busy time at Roswyn as we start to prepare for our 50th year. We hope to have news very soon of two special events for later in the year which we hope you will enjoy and come along and support our fundraising and have some fun too! We've just had the very successful GOLR Archives Day which was well attended and our Curator, P.Pr Billie Roper did a splendid job of presenting the Archive books, photos and memorabilia.


January 2015
We had the most fantastic Christmas party at Roswyn with over fifty people enjoying a great night of festive fun with live music, great acts and finishing up with everyone singing White Christmas and we even had snow showering down on everyone as they sang the last chorus! We hope to have a video of it all up on the website soon, so please check back soon!

We've had  great feedback to the first of the Roswyn Newsletters that we put out in December, so much so, that we have started the year with a lovely boost of selling another 20 bricks, thank you all SO much.

We are starting to put together our programme of events for Roswyn's 50th Golden Anniversary year this year and will keep you updated when the list is complete. We look forward to seeing you all soon.

Monday 12th May 2014 -- THANK YOU SO MUCH!

We've only had the Buy A Brick Fund running for three weeks and already we have sold just over 60 bricks...... WOW!

We are so grateful to everyone who has generously supported us and we know that many more of you have promised to buy bricks, so thank you in advance and we look forward to updating you with new totals soon!

Wednesday 21st May 2014 -- Another massive thank you to everyone who is continuing to buy bricks, we have today sold over 80.

Monday 2nd June 2014 -- We're over the 100 brick sales today, in fact its up to 102 with the promise of still more to come. Huge thank you to you all and a special thank you to PO Tricia Hayes husband, Trevor Court who is preparing a 'Brick' Wall at Roswyn and adding all the names of those who are supporting us with our Buy A Brick Fund. This will eventually be a permanent feature on the walls of Roswyn and we are grateful to Trevor for doing this for us.

Lots more people 'Buying Bricks' at the Archives Day, so will update the new total soon!

15th JULY: Wow, the bricks continue to come in and we are now over 140, our thanks to you all for your support and generosity.

Thank you also to PO Anita Price who is going to be running two fundraising lunches at her home in Sussex. One for Ratlings and one for Family and Friends and she is hoping to raise funds from these two events for Roswyn.
  The one for Ratlings will be on Wednesday 9th July. UPDATE ON THE FIRST LUNCH: A great day was had by all and Anita's has now donated the proceeds to the Roswyn Renovation Fund, thank you so much Anita.

Another Ratling, our PO Liz Dewhurst is going to be organising an afternoon tea at her home in Sussex in August in aid of the fund, we are so grateful to everyone for putting on events for Roswyn.

Many thanks also to R. Ann Wickens who is going to be doing some walking events to raise funds for Roswyn's Restoration.  She's completed the first one but says she will be doing more in the future, so thank you Ann!

What a day we had on the 3rd August! The Dr. Finlay Day was a new type of event for the Lady Ratlings but from the comments at the end of the day, I know we will be holding more events like this. The House was rocking with laughter all afternoon and the day culminated in the whole group doing a Scottish reel, with our LR Gaye Jee showing us how it should be danced! We have to say a massive thank you to our lovely Q.R. Rosalie's Consort, Mark Fox for planning and running the event and to our QR Rosalie and PO's Rosemarie Russell and June Vincent for all their hard work on the day.  It was lovely to see lots of new 'friends' who joined us for the first time as well as many Lady Ratlings and this event proved to be a great way to raise funds and have a wonderful fun day at the same time!

Very pleased to say that more bricks have been sold and we will update you with the latest total soon.

Fantastic support for Roswyn's Annual Garden Fete. Everyone worked so hard to make the day a success running the various stalls and a great sum was raised to help with the upkeep of the House. More bricks were sold on the day as well.  We are now over 160 bricks sold with the promise of still more to come. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

We appreciate everyone's support, please keep up the good work!

The tickets are selling well for the Jazz/Curry Event and it looks like it is going to be a really great afternoon with lots of people saying they are coming along to play, sing and dance, so don't delay, order your tickets today!

Great day on Sunday for the Jazz Event, a fantastic atmosphere with lots of laughs as always at Roswyn. Delicious curries, all cooked by Musical Rat John & Lady Ratling Karen Maxim.  Wonderful music including our lovely new Ratling Helen Jeckells playing her violin, many Ratlings dancing and tapping and the amazing Barry Craine doing a fabulous solo tap routine. Thank you to everyone who came along to support this event which was in aid of the restoration fund.

Roswyn is now on Twitter and Facebook and within a couple of days we have nearly 50 friends! Social media is all very new to us but we are catching on fast! We had birthday greetings on Facebook for our wonderful Dame PQ Audrey, and Lance Aston, the son of our late PQ Hilda and WR Ted Durante also left us a wonderful message about the happy memories they had when Hilda was on the Roswyn House Committee.

Next year is Roswyn's 50th Anniversary and we will have lots of wonderful events lined up, please check back soon as we will list them all.

Everything is ready for our Christmas Party this Sunday 14th December from 5 p.m. so do hope that you will be able to join us, it is going to be a great night. We have over 100 Facebook Friends now and we have recently sold more bricks, so we are on target to start our first work project in early 2015 --- thank you all again for your support.